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My husband, Shannon, and I (Shonna) have been harvesting an 112 year-old barn in Tennessee with beautifully weathered wood. We first started out creating pieces for gifts and for our own home, when we quickly started receiving requests from other people for items for their homes. 
My family is from East Tennessee, the home of the Great Smoky Mountains, and there are so many beautiful old barns. We see so much potential with these old barns and have enjoyed the hard labor of preserving the barnwood to create works of art for the home. There is something to be said about the warmth and coziness the barnwood brings to your home. 
Shannon has great skill when it comes to the carpentry part of each project, not to mention the muscle :) I bring the creative ideas to the table and Shannon helps make them happen, like magic. I enjoy the painting of the pieces, the wood burning and the finishing work. We make a great team. With 6 beautiful children, ages 23-10, and 4 dogs our home is bustling with energy. 
We put our heart into each piece we make and we fall in love with each piece with the uniqueness created from different pieces of the barnwood. We hope you enjoy the pieces as much as we do!

Have a special someone you want to create a unique item for, but you want them to customize the item directly with us? Send them an e-gift card, by clicking on the link here

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